DigiMat Basic - online digital math education

Learning goals

DigiMat Basic contains the following fundamental learning goals, which are the basis for all of Digital Math:

  1. Number representation in first binary form making representation and arithmetic algorithms easy to understand.
  2. Arithmetic algorithms constructed by repetition of the basic operation of +1 according the basic prototype of all computer programs of DigiMat in the form n = n + 1
  3. Time-stepping automatically solving all (ordinary) mathematical models in the form x = x + v*dt
  4. Text programing enabling the students to understand, modify and extend the algorithms and computer realizatons themselves.
  5. Real Simulation experiencing directly predicting First Principles models such as aerodynamics with time-stepping.

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Pedagogical Editable App [Basic]

Demo Learning Activity: Motion-Change: x = x + v*dt - Time stepping

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