Online course: Mathematical programing with DigiMat

Learn how to create with mathematical programming! No previous knowledge required. An introduction to build virtual worlds, simulations and games. The course focuses on creativity and gives you the tools needed in industry, science and society.

At the end of the course you will have created your own "scene" with simulation, with characters that you control with programming!

  • No previous knowledge required!
  • For adults, children, teachers and parents! Children should be able to read, write and understand numbers, we encourage you to take the course together with your child!
  • Course start: Rolling, expected to take appx. 4 weeks.

For questions, email course responsible: Johan Jansson

Detailed information

The course consists to a large part of independent work where you yourself manage your own time. There will also be opportunities for online seminars, if you want, where you can ask questions and work together with other course participants.

The overall pedagogic idea is that you learn by doing. You create yourself based on your own motivation and your own interest. You play with algorithms, modify, build yourself and create your own learning activities.

Motivation is also a core principle for DigiMat. Without motivation the long-term memory does not store information or knowledge.

A key activity in the course is "DigiMat Pixel", where you create your own simulation scenes with the time-stepping algorithm. It's the same algorithm that for example NASA uses. In DigiMat you also modify the algorithm with text programming to control what you create.

Example of the learning activity DigiMat Pixel

Ada's World Level 2: DigiMat Pixel - Create you own digital objects and give them life!

Learning Goals

  1. Number representation [Basic] in first binary form making representation and arithmetic algorithms easy to understand.
  2. Arithmetic algorithms [Basic] constructed by repetition of the basic operation of +1 according the basic prototype of all computer programs of DigiMat in the form n = n + 1
  3. (Focus) Time-stepping [Basic-Pro] automatically solving all (ordinary) mathematical models in the form x = x + v*dt
  4. (Focus) Text programing [Basic-Pro] enabling the students to understand, modify and extend the algorithms and computer realizations themselves.

For more info, email the course responsible Johan Jansson,

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